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About Rainbow Amour

Rainbow Amour Yorkies Ltd.

Rainbow Amour is a small home-based incorporated and fully licensed business focusing on dog breeding in Edmonton, Alberta. All our dogs, breeders or pets, are treated with the same love and quality, whether living with us or placed in a loving home. When the dams aren't raising litters, they are considered as a pet and included in everything that we do.

Rainbow Amour is also registered as a Biewer Terrier Breeder through IBC, the International Biewers Club (see registration certificate). All of the puppies produced by Rainbow Amour will be registered through IBC and will come with their original paperwork. Please note that we are currently in the works of changing our registration to BTRA (the Biewer Terrier Registry of America). This section will be updated soon.

The dogs at Rainbow Amour are raw fed a quality BARF blend from the Legacy brand along with a few delicacies from local farmers. We rotate the protein source daily, to allow for a variety of different nutrients. We also add beef green tripe to the meals a few times week. We also offer them daily chews of either raw bones, raw poultry necks, pizzle sticks, dried tripe, or other dried or frozen raw animal parts. 

The dogs are also offered treats hidden in smart toys. These toys help develop problem-solving and keep their minds engaged and excited about treats. We offer a variety of freeze-dried meats cut in tiny pieces from a variety of brands. 

Our dogs are all up to date on shots (five-way and rabies). They are also all microchipped, but not tattooed. They see a vet once a year for a yearly checkup. The dams see a vet when pregnant to ensure the health of the litter, and to have an x-ray done, which provides valuable information. The imaging can give us an approximate count on expected puppies, but it also shows the size of the puppies and lets us know if a c-section should be booked instead of allowing the dam to go through a natural birth.  

To ensure the best possible health for our puppies, we believe in DNA testing the parents. To view our Dam's Embark DNA test results, please go to the "Our Dogs" tab. 

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Our Nursery


When the dams are whelping and raising litters, they are given a pen in our living room on the main floor, where they can have privacy, yet not be too far away from everyone else. They come in and out of their pens as they wish, but spend the night with their litters, until the puppies are weaned and old enough to spend the night without their mother.

About Us...

Sandra and Philippe are a married couple from the French speaking community. Their only children at the moment are the five dogs, a couple of ferrets, a bird or two, and a few hamsters. There are no human children at the moment, but they do expect to have one in following years. They both enjoy the company of animals, and the dogs travel with them nearly everywhere, whether it be a supper at a family member’s house, or a camping trip.