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Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

We produce few litters per year to ensure
the quality of each puppy.

Pets are Familly

Pets are Familly

Our dogs are always in our house
and part of everything we do. 

Raw fed

Raw fed

Our dogs are raw fed with  the Legacy Pet Foods brand locally made in Edmonton.
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Rainbow Amour is a small, in-home Biewer Terrier Breeding Kennel based in Edmonton (Alberta), where we pride ourselves on the quality and temperament of this beautiful toy breed.

Live Rainbow Amour Puppy Cam!

Rainbow Amour Puppy Pen (Daytime)

Rainbow Amour Puppy Crate (Night time)

What breed is right for you?

Choosing a dog breed is a bigger decision than most people realize. Even though each dog has his or her own personality and quirks, there are general traits that are found in most breeds. Some of these could be game-changers for owners. Do your research before choosing a breed. Choose a breed that fits your lifestyle, not because you like their looks. All dog breeds are beautiful and majestic in some way, but not all dog breeds belong in your home. Click here for a great questionnaire to help you pick a dog breed that best suits you.  Click here for a questionnaire offered by AKC to help narrow down your search. Please also visit the CKC and AKC websites to have more information on each dog breed.

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